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Where to Start When Building the Perfect Home Theater

The Art and Science of Home Theater Design

Where to Start When Building the Perfect Home Theater

What’s the best part of a home theater?

Most people throughout Morris County would say that it’s having a place optimized for great audio and video.

But achieving the ultimate home theater design is pretty complicated. You need to understand things like room acoustics and the effects of lighting on projected images.

And you also need to understand what makes a theater a fun place where everyone can find something to do.

If you’re interested in exploring the place where technology meets creativity, this is the blog for you.

Keep reading for more.

TAGS: Custom Theater Seating | Soundproofing | Surround Sound

The Best Approach to Setting Up a Sonos System

Multi-Room Audio Shouldn’t be the Same for Every Room

The Best Approach to Setting Up a Sonos System


If you read our previous blog on multi-room audio with Sonos, you know that we highly recommend it for anyone in the Somerset County or greater New Jersey area who wants to enjoy music throughout their property. We’ve talked a lot about how the intuitive user interface and robust functionality are perfect for finding whatever song, streaming service, or radio station you’d like. But today, we’d like to talk about another key feature of Sonos: the ability to create the right music quality for each room in your home.

If that has your interest piqued, then read on. We’ll outline how to take your Sonos system from good to great by choosing the right setup for each environment.


TAGS: Multi-Room Music | Sonos

Our Recommendation for Multi-Room Audio: Sonos

Why We Think Sonos is a Great Option for New Jersey Homes

Our Recommendation for Multi-Room Audio: Sonos

There has never been a better time to be an audiophile. The days of sticking to one dedicated listening room are over. Instead, today’s multi-room audio systems combine top-quality sound with a simple user experience and tons of options for enjoying all your favorite music, no matter what room you’re in.

The question for homeowners throughout Morris County is not usually “should I get multi-room audio?” but rather “which sound system is best?” While there are many factors that will affect the answer to that question (and we encourage you to reach out to us for a more personalized response), in general, our vote goes to Sonos.

Here’s why….

TAGS: Multi-Room Music | Sonos

Going Beyond the Light Switch with Lutron Lighting Control

The Value of Smart Lighting for Interior Design

Going Beyond the Light Switch with Lutron Lighting Control

Often, Lutron lighting control is seen as a way to simplify turning the lights on and off – trading in a manual light switch for a more elegant, efficient version. And while it’s true that smart lighting does make the process of controlling your lights much easier, its capabilities go far beyond that. For design-savvy homeowners and interior designers throughout Morris County, NJ, Lutron offers a way to elevate the look and feel of each room.

TAGS: Home Control System | Lutron | Smart Lighting Control