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Knowledge Center

List of Available Documents



  •   Digital Audio - A Quick Guide
  •   Digital Audio - Questions
  •   Outdoor sound: An Introduction
  •   Outdoor sound: Fifteen Tips
  •   Sonos
  •   Sonos - Multi-Room Configuration Diagram
  •   Introduction to Loudspeakers
  •   The Myth of the Golden Ear


  •   Blu-ray Explained
  •   HDMI Cable
  •   Kaleidescape Overview
  •   Sony 4K TVs
  •   TV Viewing Distances & Mounting Height

Home Theater

  •   Home Theater an Introduction
  •   Home Theater Questionnaire
  •   Home Theater Acoustics
  •   Home Theater Chairs
  •   Home Theater HVAC
  •   Home Theater Process Checklist
  •   Home Theater Stakeholders
  •   Home Theater Connectivity Diagram

Media Rooms

  •   Media Rooms
  •   Media Room Questions
  •   Media Room Connectivity Diagram


Lighting, Shades & Power Conditioning

  •   Lighting Control
  •   Power Conditioning

Computer & Networks

  •   Computer Network Diagram
  •   Computer Networks
  •   Importance of updating software
  •   Network Attached Storage: NAS


  •   Bravo AV Cable Approach
  •   Bravo AV Cable Classification
  •   Bravo AV Coax Wire Anatomy
  •   Speaker Wire


  •   Client Walk-through Preparation
  •   System Components
  •   Why work with a professional