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Call Today (908) 953-0555   |  80 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924   |  Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm or by appointment

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Call Today (908) 953-0555   |  80 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924   |  Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm or by appointment
best new Jersey home theater installation services
Acoustics Artnovian www.artnovian.com
  C.F. Stinson (fabric) www.cfstinson.com
  Guilford of Maine (fabric) www.guilfordofmaine.com
  Kinetics Noise Control www.kineticsnoise.com
  Owens Corning www.owenscorning.com
  Pemko www.pemko.com
  Quest Acoustical Interiors www.questai.com
  Quiet Rock www.quietsolutions.com
  RPG Diffusor Systems www.rpginc.com
AV Matrix switchers Atlona www.atlona.com
  Savant www.savant.com
Cell Phone Reception We Boost www.weboost.com
Computer Networks Routers & Switches:Pakedge www.pakedge.com
  NAS Storage: Drobo www.drobo.com
  NAS Storage: QNAP www.qnap.com
Control Systems
(Home Automation)
Savant www.savant.com
  Universal Remote Control www.universalremote.com
Digital Music Streamer Sonos www.sonos.com
  Savant www.savant.com
  Roon www.roon.com
Digital Media Server Kaleidescape www.kaleidescape.com
Displays: Projectors Epson www.epson.com
  JVC http://pro.jvc.com
  Sony www.sony.com
Displays: TVs LG www.lg.com/us
  Panasonic www.panasonic.com
  Samsung www.samsung.com
  Seura (outdoor) www.seura.com
  SunBrite (outdoor) www.sunbritetv.com
  Sony www.sony.com
Display Concealment Media Décor www.mediadecor.com
  Seura Mirror TVs www.seura.com
Electronics Apple www.apple.com
  Audio Control www.audiocontrol.com
  Bryston www.bryston.com
  Integra www.integrahometheater.com
  Parasound www.parasound.com
  Sonos www.sonos.com
  Sony www.sony.com
  Storm www.parasound.com
  Tivo www.tivo.com
Equipment Isolation HRS www.avisolation.com
Furniture & Racks Auton (Lifts) www.auton.com
  BDI www.bdiusa.com
  Future Automation www.futureautomation.net
  Middle Atlantic (Racks) www.middleatlantic.com
  Nexus21 (TV Lifts) www.tvlift.com
  Salamander www.salamanderdesigns.com
  Sanus www.sanus.com
Head Phones AudioQuest www.audioquest.com
  Sennheiser www.sennheiserusa.com
  Sony www.sonypremiumhome.com
Lighting Control Lutron www.lutron.com
  Savant www.savant.com
Phone Systems Panasonic www.panasonic.com
Film Screens Display Technologies www.displaytechnologies.co.uk
  DaLite www.da-lite.com
  Screen Innovations www.screneninnovations.com
  Stewart www.stewartfilmscreen.com
Shades Lutron/Sivoia www.lutron.com/shadingsolutions
  Screen Innovations www.screneninnovations.com
Speakers Anthony Gallo www.roundsound.com
  Architettura Sonora www.architetturasonora.com
  Artison www.artisonUSA.com
  JL Audio (subwoofers) www.jlaudio.com/home-audio
  Leon www.leonspeakers.com
  Madison Fielding (outdoor) www.madisonfielding.com
  Meridian www.meridian-audio.com
  Near (outdoor) www.nearspeaker.com
  Origin Acoustics (outdoor) www.originacoustics.com
  Sony www.sony.com
  Stealth Acoustics www.stealthacoustics.com
  Triad www.triadspeakers.com
  Wharfedale www.wharfedale.co/uk
Surge Suppression APC www.apcc.com
  Equi-Tech www.equitech.com
  Furman www.furmansound.com
  Panamax www.panamax.com
  Synergistic Research www.synergisticsearch.com
  Total Protection Solutions www.tprsurge.com
Theater Room Chairs Acoustic Innovations www.acousticinnovations.com
  Fortress Seating www.fortresseating.com
Whole House Audio Savant www.savant.com
  Sonos www.sonos.com
Wire AudioQuest www.audioquest.com
  Belden www.belden-wire.com
  Synergistic Research www.synergisticresearch.com
  Tributaries www.tributariescable.com

The above lines are our primary focus. If you are interested in something else, please tell us as we have access to much more.