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Call Today (908) 953-0555   |  80 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924   |  Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm or by appointment

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Call Today (908) 953-0555   |  80 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924   |  Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm or by appointment
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Design-Build Process

As Design-Build technology integrators we implement five phases through the course of a project from concept to completion. Careful thought and attention is given to each step to ensure you receive a solution that is tailored to your needs and delivers the benefits you desire. We are committed to making the entire experience from start to finish effective and efficient. We pride ourselves on being good communicators with all parties involved. We take all the time necessary to educate our clients so they are entirely comfortable making their decision.

We are responsible for all phases of the AV and integrated technology work including the needs assessment, system design & engineering, walk through, installation, commissioning, training and service. During the design-build process it is very important to ensure the needs analysis (also called the Discovery) has been performed. Otherwise the system design and project contract will be too vague.

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1. Discovery Process:

The discovery process is the essential foundation for a successful outcome because it is where we listen to our client's needs and desires. Our preliminary interviews are relaxed yet specific we endeavour to balance the goals of the client with the realities of technological trends, budget constraints and built-in obsolescence.

During the discovery process, we go through each room to hear what the client wants. We look at each room in the context of the whole house, but we also we treat each room as its own space with its own requirements. When looking at a given room, we encourage the client to think about how this room will be used both in the near term, as well as future uses. We encourage clients to tell us all the technology/automation solutions they are thinking about without regard to how much they think they cost or how difficult they are to implement. When we have a complete list, we can assign a cost to each solution and prioritize from there. For each space or room we look at, we will be looking at the following factors and adjusting as needed:

  1. Video Quality
  2. Audio Quality
  3. Aesthetics
  4. Budget
  5. Timing

During the discovery process, we learn how the client will be using the space. Parent’s needs can be different than their children’s. We also want to know what other professionals, i.e. interior designers, builders, etc., are involved so we can seamlessly coordinate with them.

The discovery meeting ends with a scope, budget and timing roughly defined.

If this meeting takes place at the client’s residence or office, we encourage a follow up meeting at the Bravo AV showroom so that we can demonstrate many of the technologies we discussed in our initial meeting.

Bravo AV then produces an initial Scope and Budget Statement for the client’s review. Changes and clarifications are made until the client is satisfied with the project plan.


2. System Design & Engineering:

After the pertinent information has been gathered, we develop a detailed report in accordance to these plans. We put our system design team to work to define all aspects of the project functionality for each room or area. In addition, all hardware and labor is defined with exacting detail. We meet with the client to deliver this information for review, feedback and ultimate approval. As crucial as this Discovery step is, the Design & Engineering step is critical because a bad design cannot reach a satisfactory conclusion.


3. Walk-Through:

After you have decided exactly what you want, Bravo AV will walk through your house with you and locate where speakers, TV displays, control devices, security cameras, shades and light switches, electronic gear, telephones and wiring jack locations. In homes under construction, it is preferable to have a general contractor present to help with home layout. Black magic marker and florescent spray paint will be used to clearly mark locations. During this session, it is important that customers supply information such as:

  • Most recent floor plans
  • Reflected ceiling plans
  • Elevations of built-ins
  • Furniture Layout
  • For bedrooms
    1. Location and size of bed. Will there be anything flanking the bed (i.e. drapes or furniture)
    2. Desk/work area
    3. TV display locations and decision on whether it will be mounted on the wall or in a piece of furniture?
    4. Telephone locations


4. Implementation Process:

With the design and engineering approved and the walk through complete we can start the implementation phase. Implementation is broken up into 4 phases:

  1. Rough-in or prewire
  2. Trim
  3. Final
  4. Testing and Commissioning

In new construction, this takes place after the HVAC, plumbing and electrical work are completed. After all our wires and conduits are run we will photograph all our material in the walls. The GC will then insulate and install sheetrock.

Typically, we start this phase after all the moulding and built-ins are installed and the house has had one coat of paint and is fairly clean. At this point we install speakers, mounts and wall plates.

The house has to be completely dust free at this point. We install all TV electronics and shades.

Testing and Commissioning
We test all the components of the system for full functionality. We turn the system over to you and educate you on its use.

The length of time for this phase is dependent upon the time frame of construction. Once system installation is complete, an as-built System Specification will be delivered.


5. Service & Support:

By offering outstanding service, we strive to make every client, a client for life. By delivering as-built documentation and programming source code to our clients, we ensure that the investment they have made into their home is well protected and may be serviced for life with accuracy and diligence. We honor all manufacturer warranties plus a 6-month workmanship warranty.