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Call Today (908) 953-0555   |  80 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924   |  Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm or by appointment

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Call Today (908) 953-0555   |  80 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924   |  Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm or by appointment
best new Jersey home theater installation services


Our people and the services we provide define our firm. We take pride in delivering a first class client experience and work diligently to keep our staff trained and focused on always exceeding our client’s expectations. Our role as technology advocate begins with initial client discovery meetings and always take us through the long term service and care of completed installations.

service custom home theater

Custom Home Theater Design & Installation

Discover sights, sounds, and worlds of entertainment you never thought you'd experience in your home. It will change your life.

Any room can function as your home theater - a bedroom, family room, den; and anytime is a good time to build the system of your dreams. Regardless of where the home theater is located, you will need three basic pieces of equipment: video, audio and control system. From home theater receivers, speakers, projectors and more, Bravo AV can help you decide and design the best configuration for you. Having the right equipment is only part of the decision making process. The room you select, how the video screen and speakers are positioned, the types of remote controls used to operate the equipment, and even subtle shifts in lighting levels all affect the home theater experience.

Whether your room is small and intimate or entertainment sized, Bravo AV combines innovation and comfort in home theater design and installation. Staying home was never so enjoyable.

For more information on home theaters, click here, and request our brochure on "Building the Home Theater of your Dreams."

service media room

Media Room

Maximize a shared entertainment system whether the amenity is a precisely designed dedicated home theater or an exhilarating and multi-functional media room. Offer residents a private cinema space in which the environment is precisely designed & engineered to provide maximum movie and music enjoyment. Room geometry and acoustics play an important role for a true theater experience. Cozy up on plush seating is positioned specifically for the ultimate viewing experience on the big screen. Lighting is also controlled so with the press of a single button, the lights dim and the show begins. Press pause and lights dim up so you can get more popcorn and soda.

service multi-room audio

Multi-Room Audio / Sound Systems

Whole House Audio entertainment systems can create the perfect lifestyle in your new or existing home with sounds so clear, it's like you are in the front row, no matter what room you are in.

Your custom music server, satellite radio, and other media are custom configured and positioned for exceptional listening pleasure and accessible from everywhere. Individual room controls allow for diverse listening tastes.

For more information on audio entertainment systems, click here, and request our brochure on "Whole House Music."

service lighting control

Lighting Control

Illuminate the welcome warmth of your home, accent the décor, and add security and convenience with pre-programmed lighting modes. One button control creates dramatic entrances, illuminates pathways inside and out, sets a mood.

service Shading


With motorized window treatments you can easily adjust the amount of daylight in your home to save energy while increasing comfort and protecting interiors. Motorized shading and drapery reduces solar heat gain whether blocking out the sun entirely or using a transparent shade to allow just the right amount of light needed in your kitchen, family room, or bathroom. Manage energy without compromising style with hundreds of window treatment fabric and color options available to choose from.

service computer networks

Computer Networks - Wired & Wireless

Enjoy the features of an electronic home now and in the future. A network is a home’s central nervous system for all communications and control. We’ll help lay a solid and reliable foundation that’s robust for today’s technology and for tomorrow’s. We will work with you to find a complete networking solution that satisfies all of your system needs including your TV, telephone, music, security, control system and mobile devices that are connected on the network in a smart home. A high-speed and secure network provides the functionality and protection you desire.

service structured wiring

Structured Wiring

Ideally, like the placement of telephone lines and wiring for lighting, the most cost effective time to install the preliminary wiring for your electronic home is during the design, construction, or renovation of the property.

service whole house

Whole Home System Integration

Bravo AV is on the cutting edge when it comes to the design, installation and integration of easy-to-use affordable home automation products that can enhance your home life by giving you automated control of virtually every electrical device throughout your home or office.

service business corporate services

Business / Corporate Services

The same dedication to quality, design and workmanship that we apply to your home can be carried through to your commercial, retail, corporate or professional business.

Consider an audio system to enhance the image of a store and create ambiance in a restaurant. Integrate a video system to keep clients and patients relaxed and occupied in a waiting room. Install a surveillance system and an outside and/or interior lighting system with automated controls for increased security.

Whether its background audio or conference room video, Bravo AV has the experience to create and install the systems you need to improve your client/customer relationship.

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