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Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home Theater to 4K

Install a Sony 4K HDR Projector and See All the Detail You’ve Been Missing

Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home Theater to 4K

If you already have a home theater, you love home cinema. Even if you don't have one yet, you might enjoy the luxury of having a massive screen at home, minus the sticky floors and overpriced concessions of your local movieplex. There’s nothing like being able to settle in to watch a movie or a show in your very own space with pristine sight and sound, with all the comforts of home.

If you have already invested in a home theater or media room, you already enjoy the benefits of your very own entertainment emporium. But if you haven’t upgraded your equipment of late, you may be missing out on some exciting new capabilities. If you currently run a 1080P HD projector, you’re not able to take advantage of the latest movies and content available on Kaleidescape, Ultra HD Blu-ray dissc, Netflix, or Amazon Video, with their much higher detail and contrast. You might have been thinking about 4K as those flat-panel TVs that are now mainstream and very affordable, while 4K projector prices have stayed relatively high. Because projectors don’t sell in nearly the same volumes as TVs, the cost curve of new technology moves south more slowly for projectors – but that’s changing.   Sony now offer 11 models of projectors from $3,999 to $60,000.  With such a broad product line there is sure to be something the meets you needs and your budget.

When it comes to home theater projectors, one name stands out – Sony. Sony is a longtime pioneer in too many technologies to list, and projection technology is no exception. In 2003, they were the first to introduce a full HD projector for home use. In 2011, they launched the first 4K projector for the home. Now, Sony has the broadest line it has ever fielded in home theater projection, with 4K models from affordable to the very high end.

Read on to learn more Sony’s 4K projectors, and see how easy it would be to bring incredible color, clarity, and detail of 4K technology to your home theater installation in the Morristown, NJ area.

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Creating a Media Room That is Suited to Your Style

Leon Custom Speakers Deliver Great Sound and Beautiful Aesthetics

Creating a Media Room That is Suited to Your Style

Some people ask us to build them extensive and elaborate home theaters, with recliner seating, projectors, and elaborate speaker systems. We, of course, love to do that and strive to deliver what the client wants with the best components and integration we can supply within their budget. Other clients, however, don’t want a dedicated home theater room or just don't have the extra space. They still want an exceptional theater experience, but it may be in a living or family room that also serves other purposes.  

In many cases, those rooms aren't suitable for projectors, because of aesthetic considerations, unsuitable mounting locations, or simply complexity. In the same vein, the soundbar has become ultra-popular for similar reasons. They are easy to install and use with TVs, can be wall mounted, and can deliver multichannel surround sound in an aesthetically-pleasing form.

But there are soundbars, and there are soundbars. As in most audio products, there is a low end and a high end. What does the uncompromising homeowner do when they want excellent sound quality, thoughtful design, and aesthetics that fit their décor and sense of style?

For those situations, Bravo AV works with Leon, a maker of customized speakers that look as beautiful as they sound. In this blog, we’re going to cover how Leon Horizon and Profile soundbars integrate discreetly with any décor while offering audiophile quality sound other soundbars just can’t match.

Ready to see how you can have a sleek media room design with multichannel sound and not sacrifice audio quality in your Chatham-area space? Read on to learn more.

TAGS: Custom Soundbars | Custom Speakers | Leon Speakers | Media Room Design | Media Room Installation

Make Your Home Lighting as Smart as You

Lutron’s RadioRA 2 Lighting Control System Does It All

Make Your Home Lighting as Smart as You

When you think of lighting control, do you think of it as a luxury?  It is indeed.  But if you have a larger home, there are benefits to having a system to manage lighting beyond banks of light switches.  Today's smart home lighting control solutions are more intelligent than ever before, and not only do they manage lights, but they integrate well with other smart home automation features too – making the whole greater than the sum of the parts.  

When it comes to smart home lighting, Bravo AV prefers Lutron.  The company has been the innovator and industry leader in lighting control systems for decades, starting with the invention of the first dimmer in the 1950s.  Their systems have gone way beyond the dimmer, as Lutron systems manage lighting in the iconic New York Times building in New York City. 

Lutron makes several lighting control solutions, but we want to focus on one that we think hits the sweet spot for a large variety of properties: RadioRA 2.  The Lutron RadioRa2 system can cover a couple of rooms all the way to a 7500 square foot home with up to 200 controllable devices, so it's flexible enough to retrofit an existing home or fully automate a large house.

Let’s explore some of the features of RadioRa2 and why it’s a great solution to add smart home lighting control to your Chatham, New Jersey property.

TAGS: Lutron Lighting Control | Motorized Shades | Smart Home Automation

Think High-Fidelity Audio Is Complicated? Meet Parasound’s Hint 6.

Parasound’s Brand-New Integrated Amplifier Makes It Easy

Think High-Fidelity Audio Is Complicated? Meet Parasound’s Hint 6.

If you're a music lover of a certain age, you may remember when every audio component was separate.  We had preamplifiers and amplifiers. If you wanted to listen to FM radio, there were separate tuners.  Of course, you had to have a music source too, like a turntable. When the CD started becoming mainstream, we accepted the new format and added yet another component to our setup. Naturally, you had many wires and cables connecting all these components.

Of course, being a music lover has always meant putting up with just a bit more equipment than the average person in the quest for great sound quality, but that was fine for us because we are passionate about music and the tapestry of emotions it can invoke. But the reality is that it made everything a little more complicated. You have to turn on multiple components and have lots of cables routing signals between them. 

The hi-fi world started addressing this. Of course, we've had receivers for a long time, and many models over the years have had excellent internal parts and construction, offering high performance in a simpler solution. But music lovers have traditionally been left wanting higher-quality receivers as most of them were not built to the levels of the best audio components. Yet to save space and reduce complexity, not every music lover wanted to have a rack of separates. The integrated amp was the answer for those enthusiasts, combining the preamp and amp sections into a relatively simple package. Music lovers of any age can appreciate less complexity. Several hi-fi vendors offered quality examples that were geared for stereo listening, while the majority of receivers turned into home audio and video media hubs that focus on surround sound performance.

The advent of multiple digital music formats has changed the game in recent years. Today, we may have music that has been consolidated from a CD library on iTunes or another audio player on a computer.  We have streaming music from services like Tidal, Pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music, and high-resolution music downloads available that surpass the audio depth of the CD. The integrated amp of yore was primarily an analog affair, which enabled them to last a long time, as that part of the technology hasn't changed much over the years.

To deal with today’s choices of digital music, the venerable integrated amplifier has had to add digital chops to keep up with technology. That’s what Parasound’s latest integrated amp, the Hint 6, is all about with its digital inputs powered by ESS. The Hint 6 is an easy way to step into digital high fidelity audio and can be the heart of your next stereo rig, offering the best of the analog and digital worlds in a single chassis component. Read on to see how it can amp up your audio in your home in the Morristown, New Jersey area. 

TAGS: Digital Audio | Hint 6 | Integrated Amplifiers | Parasound | Two-Channel Audio