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Make the Most of Warm Weather This Spring with an Outdoor TV

Increase Your Time and Enjoyment of the Outdoors By Bringing Your Entertainment Outside

Make the Most of Warm Weather This Spring with an Outdoor TV

It has been a long, cold winter in New Jersey, and everyone is ready to enjoy the outdoors. Spring is around the corner, and with it comes the promise of sunnier skies and warmer temperatures.  It is so important to take full advantage of the summer months knowing that these conditions don’t last forever.  The best way to improve your quality time alone watching your favorite movie or quality time with others watching a great game is to do it outside.

Spring is the perfect time to consider bringing your entertainment outdoors.  It is well documented that the television has become the hub of our living areas. There is something special about laughing at a good comedy, crying at a good movie or even yelling at an exciting game along with the people you love.   The only way to make that special moment even more special is to do in the fresh, open air, outside.  So, when the warmer weather comes, why not bring the entertainment outside? An outdoor TV installation can add another great gathering place to your Chatham-area home’s outside spaces. Imagine you and your friends celebrating the end of March Madness watching the championship game on your patio.

As the weather has some extremes in New Jersey between winter and summer, we recommend going with TVs that are built for outdoor use. Our partner Séura makes some of the best dedicated outdoor televisions because they withstand the elements and are designed to perform brilliantly in all weather conditions. Read on to learn more about how Séura offers a line of 'outdoor TVs designed to deliver a brilliant picture in specific outdoor spaces in the shade or fully exposed to the sun.  Check out Seura’s offering and see which product best for your outdoor space.

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3 Little-Known Benefits of a Professional Home Network Installation

Because You Want Both High Performance and Low Maintenance

3 Little-Known Benefits of a Professional Home Network Installation

Home networks might seem like they're simple, but they're not. Smartphones are simple to use, but the technology behind them is very complicated. The fact is that we depend on a lot of technology in our daily lives, and for the most part, it's simple to use. But when it doesn't work, most of us need to seek out an expert to fix it.

The truth is that home networking is sophisticated technology. It is wrapped up in electronics like routers, modems, switches and WAPs that we plug in and give us access to the internet, and beyond setting up passwords, we don't have to do that much with it. We do depend on this complex technology daily, and with the proliferation of ever more smart devices and functionality in the home, even more so. Chances are you probably don't know how many smart devices you have in your home connecting to each other and the internet – we're so used to it by now that we don't think about it. But all those smart devices can put a strain on your network. If your network is straining from the load, you'll start noticing when smart lights don't work, your smart thermostat doesn't adjust automatically, and your video streams stutter and buffer, or the app crashes.

If you have a smaller house and not that many dependencies on internet access, you may get by with the standard setup provided by your internet provider or a router from your local big box store or an internet retailer. But if you want a fully integrated smart home where your AV components are centrally controlled, your motorized shades, smart lights, and smart thermostats work in concert, and you have multiple spaces with access to high resolution video, you likely need something more robust than the average setup.

Why might you want a professional – like Bravo AV – to perform an updated home network installation at your New Jersey home in the Chester area? Read on to see what the difference is.

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Why Work With a Certified Home Automation Company?

Bravo AV is Proud to Provide HTA-Certified Home Automation Services

Why Work With a Certified Home Automation Company?

Many businesses and industries have licensing and certification requirements. For example, you want to hire a licensed electrician or plumber, as that is a requirement in most states. Professionals like architects have similar requirements, having to pass an exam as well as having completed the minimum set of educational qualifications. In other professions, like interior design, requirements for licensing may vary, but there are professional organizations that have requirements for membership, assuring prospective clients of a minimum set of qualifications.

In the audio-visual and technology integration businesses, requirements also vary. For certain types of work – like electrical – there are specific licenses required, but not for other work. As in other professions, there are organizations where membership requirements separate professional organizations from others who may not have invested the time and money into developing a strong skill set. You may be surprised to learn that home technology integration is a business with few barriers to entry – almost anyone can hang a shingle and call themselves an expert.

Bravo AV has chosen to become a member of the Home Technology Association (HTA). HTA is the industry’s only certification body that has a rigorous set of standards – over 60 criterion – that a company needs to meet to be HTA-certified.

Bravo AV is proud to provide HTA-certified home automation services for home technology projects throughout Morristown and Northern New Jersey – from Savant home control systems to home theater installations and beyond. Read on to find out how that makes us different when you are searching for home automation integration providers for your next project.

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Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home Theater to 4K

Install a Sony 4K HDR Projector and See All the Detail You’ve Been Missing

Why It’s Time To Upgrade Your Home Theater to 4K

If you already have a home theater, you love home cinema. Even if you don't have one yet, you might enjoy the luxury of having a massive screen at home, minus the sticky floors and overpriced concessions of your local movieplex. There’s nothing like being able to settle in to watch a movie or a show in your very own space with pristine sight and sound, with all the comforts of home.

If you have already invested in a home theater or media room, you already enjoy the benefits of your very own entertainment emporium. But if you haven’t upgraded your equipment of late, you may be missing out on some exciting new capabilities. If you currently run a 1080P HD projector, you’re not able to take advantage of the latest movies and content available on Kaleidescape, Ultra HD Blu-ray dissc, Netflix, or Amazon Video, with their much higher detail and contrast. You might have been thinking about 4K as those flat-panel TVs that are now mainstream and very affordable, while 4K projector prices have stayed relatively high. Because projectors don’t sell in nearly the same volumes as TVs, the cost curve of new technology moves south more slowly for projectors – but that’s changing.   Sony now offer 11 models of projectors from $3,999 to $60,000.  With such a broad product line there is sure to be something the meets you needs and your budget.

When it comes to home theater projectors, one name stands out – Sony. Sony is a longtime pioneer in too many technologies to list, and projection technology is no exception. In 2003, they were the first to introduce a full HD projector for home use. In 2011, they launched the first 4K projector for the home. Now, Sony has the broadest line it has ever fielded in home theater projection, with 4K models from affordable to the very high end.

Read on to learn more Sony’s 4K projectors, and see how easy it would be to bring incredible color, clarity, and detail of 4K technology to your home theater installation in the Morristown, NJ area.

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