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Q&A: Answering 4 Common Media Room Design Questions

Looking to Add a Media Room to Your Home? Bravo AV Can Help.

Q&A: Answering 4 Common Media Room Design Questions

Media rooms can be an exciting addition to any home.

They’re the perfect setting to enjoy watching your favorite films in 4K Ultra HD resolution or listening to your favorite music from high-performance speakers. And best of all, you can transition any space in your house into a media room.

Perhaps the process of building a media room is quite intimidating to you. That’s why we at Bravo AV are here to help homeowners throughout northern New Jersey, whether you live in Far Hills or beyond.

In this post, our team of media room design experts share the answers to some of the most common installation questions we hear from potential clients.

TAGS: Media Room Company | Media Room Design | Media Room Installation

Extending Your Home Wi-Fi Outside: What You Need to Know

Find Out How Bravo AV Can Help You Optimize Your Home Network

Extending Your Home Wi-Fi Outside: What You Need to Know

Summer has arrived here in New Jersey, and that likely means you’re spending more time outdoors lounging in your backyard.

We’ve previously discussed some of the ways you can elevate that experience – whether it’s through adding dedicated outdoor speakers or a weatherproof outdoor television.

But what if, as you lounge by the pool, you could browse your favorite websites on your laptop or enjoy a video call with a long-distance family member from your smartphone?

The chances are that you don’t get optimal Wi-Fi signal in your backyard and that your mobile connection can be unreliable.

So, what’s the solution?

Bravo AV is here to help. Through our home network installations in Mendham and throughout Morris and Somerset County in New Jersey, you can enjoy high-quality Wi-Fi reception in your backyard, just in time for your summer afternoons relaxing by the pool.

We explain how below.

TAGS: Home Networking | Home Wi-Fi | Outdoor Wi-Fi

Building an Outdoor Audio System: Speaker Essentials

A Guide to Types of Outdoor Speakers

Building an Outdoor Audio System: Speaker Essentials

Spring is here and it’s time to get out and enjoy the fresh, Morris County air. It’s the perfect time of year for barbecues and family get-togethers in your backyard, deck and pool areas.

But one inescapable fact remains: A party isn’t any fun without the right music. That means it’s time to invest in an outdoor audio system.

And some of the most important, visible and necessary parts of your audio system are the speakers.

If you don’t know anything about outdoor speakers, how they can affect your listening experience or even what to look for when building a system of your own, you’ve come to the right place.

Here, you’ll find a simple guide to the types of speakers you can enjoy in your backyard. We’ve even highlighted a few of our favorite brands, but there are plenty of options available.

If you don’t see your favorite manufacturer on the list, you can let us know by clicking the button at the bottom of your screen and chatting with a live representative right now.

TAGS: Landscape Audio | Whole Home Audio

Why Lutron is the Best Brand for Home Lighting Control

Revolutionize Your Lighting System Through Lutron’s Leading Technology

Why Lutron is the Best Brand for Home Lighting Control

At Bravo AV, we believe lighting control should extend far beyond just a manual on/off switch.

Your home’s lighting system should be an asset – featuring not only convenient, efficient control but also built-in integration for custom scene creation dedicated toward enhancing your lifestyle.

What if, with just the tap of a screen on your iPhone, you could dim every light in your dining room to the perfect level for dinner with the family?

Or, as you pull into your driveway at night after work, what if pathway and hallway lights automatically turned on, welcoming you home?

With a smart lighting system, that’s entirely possible. And we believe there is no better brand you can achieve this with than Lutron.

Below, we explore why Lutron lighting control is the best option for smart lighting in your Somerset County home.

TAGS: Lutron Dealer | Lutron Lighting Systems | Smart Lighting Systems