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Call Today (908) 953-0555   |  80 Morristown Rd. Bernardsville, NJ 07924   |  Mon. - Fri. 9am - 6pm or by appointment
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Articles in Category: Media Room Design

Bravo AV is New Jersey’s premier media room design and installation expert. Find out more about our customized services through our ongoing blog series.

Make Your Media Room Fit Your Design Sense

Stylish, Concealable Solutions for Integrating Media Capability Into Your Space

Make Your Media Room Fit Your Design Sense

How do you prefer a media room to look? If you’re technologically oriented or are an AV enthusiast in general, you may prefer a media space that shows off the equipment. You might like the speakers, subwoofers, AV receivers and amplifiers, and fancy control tablets prominently visible. Many people enjoy it that way.

Other people have a different sense of aesthetics and design for their homes. When it comes to the media room, they want a high-quality media experience, but they don't want the technology to overwhelm the room. 

Fortunately, a variety of solutions exist to gracefully integrate media components into your spaces. If you're looking to design an aesthetically beautiful, high-performance media room, keep reading below for some of the best ideas to hide the tech in your Far Hills, NJ home.

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Media Room Design: Home Theaters vs. Media Rooms

What’s The Difference? What Are The Challenges? We Explain Below.

Media Room Design: Home Theaters vs. Media Rooms

We love home theaters. They can bring the cinematic experience home without the crowds, high ticket prices, and questionable concessions. The parking is easier at home too. Many people ask us about building a home theater, and others ask us about installing media rooms. In some cases, people that ask about home theaters really want a media room, and the opposite also happens.

Is there a difference between a home theater and a media room? Yes. Home theaters tend to be purpose built highly engineered rooms. Media room tend to be multipurpose rooms.  Both can deliver excellent performance.  The important point is that that end product fits your lifestyle and entertainment preferences.

TAGS: Home Theater | Home Theater Company | Media Room

Creating a Media Room That is Suited to Your Style

Leon Custom Speakers Deliver Great Sound and Beautiful Aesthetics

Creating a Media Room That is Suited to Your Style

Some people ask us to build them extensive and elaborate home theaters, with recliner seating, projectors, and elaborate speaker systems. We, of course, love to do that and strive to deliver what the client wants with the best components and integration we can supply within their budget. Other clients, however, don’t want a dedicated home theater room or just don't have the extra space. They still want an exceptional theater experience, but it may be in a living or family room that also serves other purposes.  

In many cases, those rooms aren't suitable for projectors, because of aesthetic considerations, unsuitable mounting locations, or simply complexity. In the same vein, the soundbar has become ultra-popular for similar reasons. They are easy to install and use with TVs, can be wall mounted, and can deliver multichannel surround sound in an aesthetically-pleasing form.

But there are soundbars, and there are soundbars. As in most audio products, there is a low end and a high end. What does the uncompromising homeowner do when they want excellent sound quality, thoughtful design, and aesthetics that fit their décor and sense of style?

For those situations, Bravo AV works with Leon, a maker of customized speakers that look as beautiful as they sound. In this blog, we’re going to cover how Leon Horizon and Profile soundbars integrate discreetly with any décor while offering audiophile quality sound other soundbars just can’t match.

Ready to see how you can have a sleek media room design with multichannel sound and not sacrifice audio quality in your Chatham-area space? Read on to learn more.

TAGS: Custom Soundbars | Custom Speakers | Leon Speakers | Media Room Design | Media Room Installation

Q&A: Answering 4 Common Media Room Design Questions

Looking to Add a Media Room to Your Home? Bravo AV Can Help.

Q&A: Answering 4 Common Media Room Design Questions

Media rooms can be an exciting addition to any home.

They’re the perfect setting to enjoy watching your favorite films in 4K Ultra HD resolution or listening to your favorite music from high-performance speakers. And best of all, you can transition any space in your house into a media room.

Perhaps the process of building a media room is quite intimidating to you. That’s why we at Bravo AV are here to help homeowners throughout northern New Jersey, whether you live in Far Hills or beyond.

In this post, our team of media room design experts share the answers to some of the most common installation questions we hear from potential clients.

TAGS: Media Room Company | Media Room Design | Media Room Installation