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Articles in Category: Savant Home Automation

Simplify Your Home A/V Setup With Savant Video Over IP

Enjoy Effortless Entertainment Everywhere with Savant Home Automation

Simplify Your Home A/V Setup With Savant Video Over IP

As we get deeper into the fall and almost to winter in Northern New Jersey, we tend to spend more time indoors. Our audio and video entertainment systems get more of a workout this time of year, whether we are watching the Giants on a Sunday afternoon or catch up on a favorite Netflix show in the evening after dinner.

If you happen to have a larger home in the Mendham Township area, you may have accumulated a variety of TVs and audio/video equipment over the past few years. There’s a Samsung in the family room with an A/V receiver and speakers, a Sony in the master bedroom with a soundbar, an LG in the basement game room with a secondary stereo system. Other bedrooms have inherited other smaller TVs with no sound system. Each of these has a variety of different devices like cable boxes, Blu-ray players, Rokus, and Apple TVs attached to them. Each of them has its own set of remote controls, and not all of the TVs have access to the same content. 

Does that scenario sound like your home? Have you wondered if there’s an easier way to have a unified entertainment system that consolidates all your video sources, makes it easy to access in any room, and doesn’t require A/V equipment scattered all over your house? There is, and it’s a whole-home A/V system with video over IP. 

How can video over IP simplify your entertainment setup in your Mendham-area home? When it’s part of a Savant home automation system, you will have one straightforward way to access any video and audio content that anyone in your house can intuitively use. Just read on to learn more. 

TAGS: 4K Video Distribution | Home Automation | Video Over IP | Whole Home Audio Video

Our Favorite Features of Using a Savant Home Automation System

Explore How Daily Management of Your Savant Smart Home is Simple

Our Favorite Features of Using a Savant Home Automation System

In our previous blog, we explored exactly what a home automation system includes. (You can read that blog here.)

But if you’re thinking about adding an integrated smart home system to your property, you might be wondering about the day-to-day control of your technology will look like.

Some common questions you might be wondering: How will I use my system on a daily basis? Will it be complicated for me to maneuver the control interface and therefore make me less likely to use it? Will I be able to customize my system after the initial installation?

Home automation systems are designed to add convenience to your lifestyle; whether it’s through the luxury of having the controls for all of your home’s technologies stored in one universal interface or through the efficiency benefits once you begin using your system.

But your integrated home system is only as effective as you make it.

At Bravo AV, we prefer Savant home automation systems due to its ease of use for homeowners just like you.

In this blog, we explore our favorite features of the Savant Pro user interface that make daily control of your smart home effortless. Just keep reading below to find out more.

TAGS: Home Automation | Savant | Savant Pro

Considering Savant Home Automation? Here’s What You Need to Know.

Explore the Essential Information Before You Invest in a Smart Home System

Considering Savant Home Automation? Here’s What You Need to Know.

At Bravo AV, we’ve partnered with homeowners throughout the state of New Jersey over the years to revolutionize their homes through integrated technology control and automation.

If you want to add convenience to your lifestyle while elevating luxury and even enhancing efficiency, an integrated home control solution can be a perfect fit.

But it’s also not an easy decision. And you want to ensure that you are receiving not only the best-possible installation but also a genuinely high-performance system that is geared to your lifestyle.

Our team at Bravo AV is here to help.

As one of New Jersey’s leading authorized Savant home automation installers, we want to guide you through the process so it becomes less intimidating – and more realistic for you and your family.

Below, we share the basics of what a Savant home system might entail for your property – whether it’s in Morristown or beyond.

TAGS: Home Technology Association | HTA Certified Dealer | Savant Dealer | Savant Home System