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3 Must-Haves for Your Media Room

A Guide to the Essential Equipment for Better Entertainment

3 Must-Haves for Your Media Room

Are you a movie lover who’s looking to upgrade your home entertainment system? Or maybe you’re a huge college football fan who wants to prepare a perfect viewing space for the fall. Or maybe you’re an avid gamer, and you want a spot with a big screen and fantastic sound? A professionally installed media room might be the answer. Continue reading to discover three pieces of equipment necessary for your Morris or Somerset County NJ media room.

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UHD Picture

When you’re taking the time to renovate your media room, you should invest in equipment that is forward looking. Ultra-high definition, also known as 4K, is the highest picture quality available. You may think there isn't much content available in 4K, but all new movies are available in ultra-high definition, and older films are being upscaled all the time. Even if your chosen media isn’t formatted for 4K, you will still experience a vastly better picture quality in your updated media room. 

Projectors have the ability to display a larger picture than most televisions, and work great in a large space. We would recommend a projector from the Sony SXRD 4K series. With a wide range of options, we can help find the projector that will produce the right picture size for your space.  

Since light can impact the quality of your picture, it may be necessary to manage your media room’s illumination to fully enjoy your UHD image. First, if you’re going with a projector, we would also recommend using a light-rejecting screen to display crystal-clear picture even when there is ambient light. Motorized blackout shades are also a great way to cut out the natural light streaming in through the window.

Surround Sound

The next piece of the puzzle is audio. Your media room can and should have the same quality audio as a dedicated home theater. Designing the perfect sound system begins with acoustics. A professional installation will map out the acoustics to optimize your listening experience.

The next step is engineering the placement of your high-performance speakers to create the perfect sound. Work with your installation team to fine-tune the sound to your personal taste. Depending upon your media room design, you could put your speakers on full display or find a hidden alternative. On the hidden side, we could suggest Triad or Meridian. These speakers are installed directly into the walls or ceiling for a finished look.  

Integrated Control

Even with perfectly installed equipment of the highest quality, your media room is virtually useless unless you can easily control it.  Whether you want to start the show or switch sources from a gaming system to a movie, it should be simple to manage. Integrated control systems place all of your entertainment equipment on one system of control and can even incorporate your lighting, motorized shades, or temperature settings. Using a touchscreen mounted to your seat, or a smart device, you can make these changes quickly.

Also, you can incorporate common collection of settings into a scene. For instance, you can create a “play the movie” scene. Then, you will only have to press one button for the lights to dim, the projector to turn on, and the show to begin.

Your perfect media room starts with design, equipment selection, and expert installation. Contact Bravo AV today to get started.