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Extending Your Home Wi-Fi Outside: What You Need to Know

Find Out How Bravo AV Can Help You Optimize Your Home Network

Extending Your Home Wi-Fi Outside: What You Need to Know

Summer has arrived here in New Jersey, and that likely means you’re spending more time outdoors lounging in your backyard.

We’ve previously discussed some of the ways you can elevate that experience – whether it’s through adding dedicated outdoor speakers or a weatherproof outdoor television.

But what if, as you lounge by the pool, you could browse your favorite websites on your laptop or enjoy a video call with a long-distance family member from your smartphone?

The chances are that you don’t get optimal Wi-Fi signal in your backyard and that your mobile connection can be unreliable.

So, what’s the solution?

Bravo AV is here to help. Through our home network installations in Mendham and throughout Morris and Somerset County in New Jersey, you can enjoy high-quality Wi-Fi reception in your backyard, just in time for your summer afternoons relaxing by the pool.

We explain how below.


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The Solution: Adding a Wireless Access Point

The best way to extend your home network to your backyard is through adding a wireless access point (WAP).

These devices simply extend your network’s range, allowing you to securely consume your favorite content from areas that your router’s Wi-Fi signal might not be able to reach.

Our team at Bravo AV has years of experience in adding wireless access points to backyards throughout the state of New Jersey. We achieve this through our strategic partnership with Pakedge, the leading brand in home network hardware.

Pakedge offers not only indoor wireless access points but also ones that are devoted to permanent outdoor application.

These outdoor wireless access points are weatherproof and can connect to an indoor switch through shielded Cat6 cabling. They distribute Wi-Fi signal through an internal antenna.

The diagram below showcases the role of a wireless access point within the overall framework of a home network.

extending your home wi fi outside what you need to know1


The Importance of Wireless Access Point Placement

It’s common sense, but it is worth noting: You should want a wireless access point in a location that will deliver high-quality Wi-Fi signal to the areas in your backyard that you spend the most time in.

But it’s also important that the wireless access point doesn’t face any physical interference. Physical structures such as walls, for example, can weaken signal throughout your backyard.

Once our team works with you to determine that optimal location for a wireless access point, we then can install it for you – part of this process can even include mounting it to the exterior walls of your home if it means ensuring the best performance.

The process of installing an outdoor wireless access point and connecting it to your home network is only part of the equation when you work with Bravo AV.

What distinguishes our services is our commitment to you.

Our dedicated quality control process ensures that your new access point not only is connected to your network but also is distributing an enhanced Wi-Fi signal throughout your backyard.

We can achieve this through Pakedge’s thorough network monitoring software, which allows us to gain an insightful view into how your network is performing.

Bravo AV is here to be your home network advocate – we want to make sure you can seamlessly enjoy browsing from your favorite devices as you enjoy the summertime from your backyard.


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