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Going Beyond the Light Switch with Lutron Lighting Control

The Value of Smart Lighting for Interior Design

Going Beyond the Light Switch with Lutron Lighting Control

Often, Lutron lighting control is seen as a way to simplify turning the lights on and off – trading in a manual light switch for a more elegant, efficient version. And while it’s true that smart lighting does make the process of controlling your lights much easier, its capabilities go far beyond that. For design-savvy homeowners and interior designers throughout Morris County, NJ, Lutron offers a way to elevate the look and feel of each room.

 Here are three of our favorite ways to use smart lighting for interior design:

1.    Create Layered Lighting Scenes

The right lighting design for the room requires careful consideration of the right brightness and positioning for every fixture. Overhead lights, lamps, spotlights, and more could all go far beyond simply “on and off.” A Lutron system allows you to adjust each individual fixture and then save the entire room’s settings as a predefined “scene.” 

This saves homeowners from having to walk throughout the room, turning on each light fixture and adjusting the settings individually. Instead, whenever you enter the room, all you need to do is select the appropriate scene for each occasion: entertaining guests, watching a movie, enjoying an intimate dinner – you name it. Each scene is fully customized to each homeowner’s lifestyle and design preferences.

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2.    Say Goodbye to Wall Clutter

The “wall acne” of traditional light switches and fan switches can all be combined into an elegant keypad. For thermostats, we can remote locate the thermostat and install a discrete sensor in the wall. While you will have conveniently located smart switches and keypads, you can also can manage everything from your smartphone or tablet.

Another alternative is to install a touchscreen panel directly into the wall – creating a modern and sleek look that offers far more functionality than a light switch. Whatever lighting control system you choose, the result is a cleaner, more sophisticated design on the wall.

3.    Choose Your Colors and Finishes

Lutron offers many different styles of switches and keypads in a variety of colors. You can choose from four families of finishes: satin, glass, gloss, or metal. We find that the satin finish is the most popular for New Jersey homes, as there are 20 different colors to choose from. This wide selection of colors and finishes means that you are sure to find something that looks great with the décor of each room.

Bravo AV works directly with interior designers and homeowners to install the smart technology that will make every room look its best. To learn more about our services, contact us today by calling (908) 953-0555 or filling out this brief questionnaire.