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Lighting and Voice Control: The Perfect Match

5 Instances When You’ll Want to Control Lights with Your Voice

Lighting and Voice Control: The Perfect Match

If you are currently enjoying lighting control in your Morris County home, you already know the benefits of automated lighting. If your lighting is not yet automated, you’re missing out on the energy savings, convenience, and ease of use that comes with it. But whether you’re new to automation or your New Jersey home is full of smart technology, voice control represents the latest, must-have addition. When it comes to lighting control, there are many instances when voice control can be a huge advantage, and we will cover five. Continue reading to learn more. 

When You’re Back from the Store

When you’re walking in the door with your hands full of your purchases, there’s nothing worse than being greeted by a dark hallway. You don’t have the hands free to flip the switch, but you need the light to navigate through your home’s furniture and make it safely to the kitchen. If you have a voice recognition device like an Amazon Echo, you can simply ask for all the lights you need to turn on.

When You’re Waking Up

It can be difficult to get out of the bed in the morning. Make it a little easier with the combination of voice control and lighting control. Right from your bed, you can ask for your bedroom lights to turn on, at a dim setting of course. You can also create a morning lighting scene, or a collection of recurring settings, which turns on the lights in your bedroom and bathroom, and creates a path of light leading to the kitchen, where the coffee lives.

When You’re Not Feeling Well

Sometimes you have to stay in bed a little longer. If you’re not feeling well, the last thing you want is to have to get up and down to adjust your bedroom’s light settings. With voice control, you can just ask for your lights to turn off so that you can rest and start feeling better.

When You’re Cooking

Often, when we’re in the kitchen, the sun is in transition. In the evening, as the sun is setting, the awkward angles can create uncomfortable glares. If you have motorized shades, you can have them set to a sensor to descend just in time to prevent that from happening. But when the shades go down, you’ll need more light. Now, you want to adjust your lights, but your hands are full. All you have to do is ask for more illumination, and you’re back in business.

When You’re Watching a Movie

In your dedicated home theater, you don’t want anything to stop you from enjoying your experience. The lighting can have a huge impact on your comfort. With lighting control added to your home theater, the lights can automatically turn on, so it’s easier to move around. But if you want to adjust the preset lighting scenes, you don’t have to get out of your seat to do so. Just ask your voice control to make the changes for you.

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Whether your New Jersey home already has lighting control or you’re considering home automation for the first time, voice control is a fantastic feature. Contact Bravo AV today to learn more and start planning your next home improvement.